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Gender Position and category Region Company size Age group Net monthly salary
gender_icon Shelf Stacker/Merchandiser Commerce Southeastern not available (n/a) 26,000.00 MKD
gender_icon Teacher Education, Science & Research Poloshki middle company 35-44 40,498.00 MKD
gender_icon Dispatch clerk Transport, Haulage, Logistics Skopski not available (n/a) 25-34 135,000.00 MKD
gender_icon Police Officer Security & Protection Skopski not available (n/a) 25-34 60,417.00 MKD
gender_icon Secretary Administration Vardarski big company 35-44 50,325.00 MKD
gender_icon Electronics Electrician Electrical & Power Engineering Skopski not available (n/a) 27,000.00 MKD
gender_icon Food Technologist Agriculture, Food Industry Skopski not available (n/a) 30,000.00 MKD
gender_icon Technologist Car Industry Pelagoniski not available (n/a) 25-34 75,000.00 MKD
gender_icon Medical assistant Medicine & Social Care Skopski middle company 25-34 40,000.00 MKD
gender_icon General State Advisor Public Administration, Self-governance Eastern small company 55+ 33,303.00 MKD